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2019-02-02 01:50:00

Crypto to Stay 'Quiet' for Awhile, Need to Focus on Building, Says Blockchain Investor


Andy Bromberg, the co-founder and president CoinList, a crypto and initial coin offerings (ICOs) “spin-off” of AngelList, has said that all the hype around cryptocurrencies has gone away and he thinks the market is going to stay quiet for awhile. Indeed, many crypto and blockchain projects have either shut down completely or they’ve been forced to scale back their operations due primarily to lack of funding. Commenting on the current state of the crypto industry, Bromberg stated in a recent interview: “We had this first wave of massive hype around ICOs in 2017, early 2018, and then a little bit of a pullback. And now in 2019, it feels like people are focused on building...."

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